IT Management Made Easy™

Easily manage, inventory and monitor all of your devices, servers and networks with GoToAssist Monitoring.

It's perfect if you are just getting started and a major cost saver if you are consolidating point IT tools. Get set up in 2 minutes and discover everything connected to your network and track key servers in real time.

IT management tools you can count on.

Server Health Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into the availability, performance and configuration of your Windows® and Linux® servers. Track and trend key metrics like CPU, load averages, memory and disk utilization.

Inventory Management

Quickly discover all of your devices (PCs, Macs, network equipment, etc.). GoToAssist helps you stay up-to-date with an accurate inventory of your hardware and software. Get rich details on the configuration of each device and audit software too. Gain actionable insights to bring systems into compliance.

Network Tracking

Good network performance is key to day-to-day IT management, no matter how large or small your organization. Build charts and Dashboards with GoToAssist to provide a complete network management view.


Set up standard or customized alerts to notify you when critical thresholds are met, for example, when critical bottlenecks are forming, when disk space falls below 5 percent or when new software has been installed without IT‘s approval. Understand immediately where attention is needed and why. Receive alert notification by email, IM or SMS.


Use search to access and query all the data that's been loaded into your account by the GoToAssist Crawler. Conduct real-time search across your software, hardware and networks. Collect and query all of your logs.

Customizable Dashboards

Use dashboards to display alerts, inventory, network management, server health and more. You can use the default dashboards in the Dashboard Configurator, or create and customize your own. Improve your insight into system health and status to proactively address potential issues and prevent service interruption.

Multiple Sites

Set up as many technicians as you like and customize their views of the IT environment. You can also set up as many sites (companies) as you need and manage all your clients through one master account. And control everything from account set up to user management via your web browser.

Integrated Service Desk Module (optional)

Easily combine GoToAssist Service Desk with GoToAssist Monitoring. Service Desk provides a simple, intuitive way to more effectively manage your IT service desk operations. Provide exceptional customer support by managing incidents, changes, releases, knowledge articles and configuration items. Set up Monitoring alerts to trigger and automatically create service desk tickets. The Service Desk module can be purchased with Monitoring or on its own.

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Integrated Remote Support Module (optional)

GoToAssist Remote Support is the perfect companion to GoToAssist Monitoring. Your team can quickly resolve tech issues by viewing and controlling customer and staff computers, mobile devices and servers to quickly resolve technical issues. The Remote Support module can be purchased with the Monitoring module or on its own.

See the problem with Monitoring, and with one click, you can access the machine and start resolving issues with GoToAssist Remote Support.

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